Why that name?


What do you do?

Our ‘5 Minutes into the Future’ zine (5MF) is our first, though hopefully not our only, series of products.

You can download 5MF Issue 1 for free by hitting the Free Stuff button at the top of the page.

Check out the blog for more on what we are doing right now.

Since when?

We released our first product (5MF issue 1) in September 2020.

How do you work?

Yknot.me work to be inclusive by default. It’s not enough to be non-discriminatory, we must be anti-discriminatory and actively promote inclusion for all.

The one thing we are intolerant of, is intolerance.

We also check our products for screen reader accessibility.

If you think there is something else we can or should be doing, or have fallen short of our commitment in any way, please get in touch on our contact page, or via the Discord.

We support the inclusive RPG initiative and logo (devised by Georg Mir).

Who is involved?

  • Ben – Puts the ‘me’ in Yknot.me, because it’s me. Nuff said.
  • Jim – Co-author, short story writer, task-master, business guru, co-conspirator, fellow futurist, web-designer and one of my oldest friends. Yknot.me might be possible without Jim’s support but it would be a lot harder, and much less fun to do.
  • Sachin – An incredibly talented creator (not just for Yknot.me) and our very own ‘science officer’. I haven’t known Sachin all that long but his help has been invaluable and his thoughtful, insightful reflections are very much appreciated (and sometimes a bit gruesome!)
  • Andy – A good friend who always has lots of interesting ideas. Andy is an editor with a good eye for detail who I can trust to keep me grounded with his probing questions and constructive criticism. When Andy has an ‘opinion’, I listen.
  • Anna – An amazingly talented artist who believed in me and what I wanted to do before she had any reason to. We might be half the world away but her input has been vital. Our products, and this website, would be far duller without her. Go check out Anna’s art.

Would you like to thank anyone else?

Absolutely. Very special thanks to everyone who has helped me get this far. Including, but not necessarily limited to:

  • Jamie, for helping me get on the web and his enthusiasm and ideas,
  • Tim and Scott for their support and help playtesting my first RPG, and for putting up with me for so many years.
  • Tom, Bea and Ken of the Monday Knights, for reading my stuff as well as my late night crazy rants, and contributing ideas and encouragement.
  • Bulb, Rachel, Nathan and Rikki from the Dundee crew for contributing ideas, feedback and encouragement.
  • Everyone on the Yknot.me Discord server for encouragement and support.
  • Gunnar, for his friendship, inspiring me to be a better creator, and living up to standards I can never hope to reach. Check out Broken Shield.
  • Meguey for her kind words and advice. Check out Lumpley Games.
  • My wife, children and mum, for always believing in me, and never letting me take myself too seriously.

And thanks to all our customers, and to you for visiting the site (it’s nice to know someone reads my drivel – if you’ve read this far, you’re one of, on average, less than 20% of people who read to the end of a webpage. Hi! Special thanks to you!).